Ownership studies. Financial analysis. Cost per flight hour valuation. Travel profile analysis. Charter, fractional, or partner ownership.

Before you buy/sell an aircraft there seems to be a mountain of information to analyze, parse, and review. And there is! But where to start? Careful planning, a step-by-step process, the comprehensive understanding of your options, and a trusted advisor will ensure you make the best decisions possible. That’s where Jack comes in. With over 30 years of experience consulting with aircraft buyers and sellers, Jack will work with you to fully understand your travel needs and identify if buying/selling an aircraft is right for your operation.


Each and every client’s needs are different. That’s why Jack spends one-on-one time with every client gathering data and providing actionable insights to help them make the right decision. Consultative offerings include:

Sample Valuation Report using

  • A review of all available travel options including chartering, fractional, partnership and full ownership scenarios
  • Detailed financial examples to justify for or against aircraft ownership by analyzing:
    • Cost of buying
    • Cost of operation
    • Residual values and tax consequences
  • In-depth travel profile analysis
  • Delivery of interactive, thought-provoking customized presentations discussing various travel profiles and options
  • Cost comparisons between various purchase/selling options
  • Analysis of current operational contracts and practices
  • Construction of benchmark studies and cost analysis for existing flight departments

In addition, Jack provides operational management of flight departments which includes:

  • Review of existing flight operations
  • Analysis of a flight department’s safety program, philosophy and the means of measuring its success
  • Establishment of benchmark cost budgets to measure past and future financial performance with trending data
  • Pilot recruitment, including advertising, interviewing, comparison, and selection

Sample Cost of Ownership Study

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