Although the internet has helped better assist monitoring the market for available aircraft, complications of putting together and closing a deal still persist. Finding the right aircraft for your needs while limiting one’s financial exposure has become increasingly difficult in today’s marketplace. Jack has guided many buyers through this process with his knowledge, strategies, and negotiation skills ensuring each one is satisfied with their purchase.

Benefits of Buying with Jack

Market Knowledge

Jack profiles your needs, provides information on aircraft values, the selection of an aircraft, and more.

Find the Best Deal

Jack is bound and obligated by our code of ethics to give fair treatment to all parties in the transaction. He is also a member of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA).

Financing Assistance

Jack will help pre-qualify you, help you find competitive financing, arrange for pre-purchase inspections and organize documentation

Set the Right Price

Jack knows the current aircraft market and can help you create a practical offer.

Helps with Details

Jack handles many of the time-consuming tasks that are a part of the aircraft purchase transaction process. Buyers are kept informed from absolute start to finish, and beyond.

Handles Closing

Jack will participate in the closing or even represent in your place if necessary, and help you with all the paperwork beforehand.

Add Sales Appeal

Jack can suggest imaginative changes for making your prospective new aircraft more suitable for you and more valuable when you sell it in the future.

More Time

Jack is a professional who has the expertise and time to get the job done right. That makes it easier to complete your aircraft transaction without taking on the full time efforts of an aircraft transaction.

No Plane.
No Gain.

Famed golfer Arnold Palmer recognized the advantages of owning an aircraft and how it allowed him to be more competitive in business.

Purchasing Process

  1. Creates an extensive travel profile for current and future needs.
  2. Researches market including and unadvertised aircraft for sale.
  3. Provides comprehensive market review of existing aircraft matching buyer’s travel profile.
  4. Assists in preparing and coordinating of offer to purchase, purchase agreement, pre-purchase inspection and escrow funding.
  5. Negotiates pre-purchasing inspection facility and inspection result issues to keep the process on track and moving forward.
  6. Manages the details through closing by keeping the client informed of specific details such as title search, international registry listing, IRS 1031 like kind exchange issues, fund transfers, closing document preparation and location tax issues.

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